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LeBron James Praises Good Samaritan Who Diffused Teen Fight In Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS)--The fisticuffs between two teenagers in South Jersey ends in friendship, thanks to an unsung hero.

"I stepped out of my door and I saw a group of kids fighting," said Debra Willis, who adds that it was an unwelcome but not unexpected sight Monday afternoon.

Two kids squaring up to fight as others circled around video recording with their phones. Willis told her sister to call 9-1-1.

"She went to call the communications which they said they hung up on her, she went to dial back, I told to her to hold up, somebody's over there breaking it up. And I looked over and it was Ali," said Willis

Man Who Stopped Fight In Video Honored For His Peacemaking

Video recorded on the phone of one of the boys in the fight shows Ibn Ali,a man who also lives in Atlantic City's Westside, appearing to intervene.

He tells the boys in the fight the kids around them are laughing at their expense.

Jamar Mobley was in the fight, the video was shot on his phone.

"He was minding his business and just came out the car," said Mobley, who was involved in the fight. "He said I will not leave until you guys shake hands."

Mobley says the incident was not staged.

Mobley posted the video of the fight with Ali's intervention online and within a day there were more than 18 million views, including a retweet from NBA All Star Lebron James.

Mobley says he's grateful for Ali.

"Mr. Ibn Ali, I want to thank him a lot cause if it wasn't for him it could have gone a whole other way," he says.

"I just wish there were more people, we need some more Alis out here," said Willis.

CBS 3 did reach out to speak with Ibn Ali but he was unavailable.


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