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Leap Day Tradition Flips Script At Center City Bar

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Will you marry me? That's a question more times than not asked by the man in a relationship, but it turns out one Leap Day tradition encourages the woman to do the proposing.

In fact, one Center City bar is offering an incentive for popping the question under its roof.

The tradition's exact origins are unclear, but McGillin's Old Ale House employee Nathan Hicks looks to Irish folklore -- a deal between St. Brigid and St. Patrick.

"Once every four years the women could ask the men to marry them to sort of balance out the role of men and women in society," Hicks says. "Also kind of the same way that every four years the day balances out our calendar."

The first five women to do so Monday can take home a $100 McGillin's gift card.

"Leap year is an unusual year," says owner Christopher Mullins. "We decided let's take the opportunity and allow the women to take charge of the day and propose to the man of her dreams."

The only catch: the men... have to say YES.


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