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Lawyer For Police Chief's Daughter Accused Of Assault On Gay Couple In Center City: 'She Didn't Do This'

By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Dom Giordano spoke with Lou Buscio, the attorney for Kathryn Knott, who is one of three alleged perpetrators in an attack on a gay couple on September 11th in Center City.

Buscio insisted that Knott had no involvement in the assault against the men.

"She completely denies having touched anyone and she maintains that that just simply didn't occur and that those who are making the accusations are incorrect. She was walking with a group of friends. Unfortunately, there was an altercation between two males, of which, she was not a part of. That altercation got out of control. Unfortunately, one gentleman was injured, but he wasn't injured because of the conduct of Ms. Knott."

Lou Buscio

He stated Knott is respectful of everyone and incapable of committing what prosecutors have alleged.

"This is a woman who grew up in a law enforcement environment, in a law enforcement home. She has the utmost respect for the law. She is a gentle, kind person who was never in trouble before. She has zero animus to anybody, let alone somebody of a particular group or persuasion. This young woman, on her best day, couldn't bust a grape. She hurt no one. She struck no one. Simply stated, she didn't do this."

Buscio said the media is making a bigger deal of this case than they need to.

"If you remove the media hysteria that initially surrounded the first 48 hours, and to a lesser extent, is still going on, this is an event that happens a hundred times a day in cities throughout our country. It's a simple assault case, but from my client's perspective, from Ms. Knott's perspective, it's not even that."

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