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Latest Poll In NJ Governor's Race Shows It's Not Even Close

By Mike DeNardo

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) - The latest poll on New Jersey's race for governor shows a huge lead for the incumbent.

The Quinnipiac poll puts Governor Chris Christie up nearly two-to-one over State Senator Barbara Buono, with less than three weeks to go before New Jersey's gubernatorial election. The Republican Christie leads 62-33-percent.

Quinnipiac pollster Maurice Carrol says polls with that wide a margin tend to self-correct on election day:

"The people who are for the leader say 'ahh, we don't need to vote. We'll go shopping today.' The people who are for the trailing candidate think 'oh, gee, we don't want to embarrass him, or in this case, her, so we'll go out and vote'."

Carroll adds the Democrat Buono also trails among female voters:

"She's been out in front on women's issues for years. And yet among women voters, 57-37, Christie beats her."

The poll also shows Christie with 30-percent of the Democratic vote, while Buono attracts only six-percent of Republicans.

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