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Late Court Ruling Sends Pa. Election Officials Scrambling

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Democratic primary for US Senate and a constitutional ballot question are impacted by some last-minute court rulings.

Voters in Pennsylvania are being asked to raise the retirement age for judges to 75, except their answers won't count.

A recent legislative maneuver -- challenged by Democrats -- moved the question from the primary to the general election in November.

State Senator Daylin Leach says with days to the primary, Commonwealth court has ruled the question should come off the ballot:

"Even the court said the timing in the legislature is very unfortunate and will burden the counties in trying to comply with this."

But it's easier than the job the Supreme Court placed on counties in ruling Tuesday to add a candidate for US Senate to the democratic ballot.

Joseph Vodvarka had previously been ruled ineligible, so was not listed, for instance, on absentee ballots, many of which have already been returned.

Counties are still scrambling to get his name on voting machines by Tuesday.

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