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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Little Bundle Of Joy

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Some families are spending their first Christmas with a new bundle of joy, and here are some last minute gift ideas for infants.

Walking through the toy department can seem a little foreign to those of us who haven't ventured into this magical land since childhood.

Thankfully, people like Linda Berman, co-owner of The Children's Boutique at 17th and Walnut, are here to help. She suggests Sophie the Giraffe for babies under six months.

"They can grasp it, it's their first toy. It's also for teething. And after that they like things that have sounds and motions."

It also all depends on how old your baby is.

"We have expert people who will give you advise on what the best present for the age of the child you're looking for. We're really good at that."

She says the key is to pick something the child won't outgrow in a few weeks. Rocking horses are good for older babies and could last a couple of years.

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