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Langhorne Woman Gets Creative To Reduce Overpopulation Of Animals In Shelters

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Angry with the over population of unwanted animals in shelters, a Langhorne woman got creative to help reduce it.

"Glad Dogs Nation" gathers kids play things, like stuffed animals, and transforms them into pet toys and then sells them on the internet.

"The toys start at 3 dollars and they go up to seven."

Company founder, Marianne Ahern says the unwanted children items are washed in hot water, put in the drier and hard pieces like eyes and noses are removed and replaced with soft appliqués.

"We'll use a pom-pom for the nose and then we'll cut open the belly and put a real nice sized squeaker inside. We sew it up with a really big stitch because I want that stitch to represent the spay and neuter scar, which is my mission to have the much needed accessory on every cat and dog."

One-hundred percent of the proceeds go to help fund spaying and neutering at animal shelters.

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