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Police: Pennsylvania Man Searching for Companion On Craigslist Is Attacked

LANDSDALE, Pa. (CBS)— Police in Montgomery County have launched an investigation after they say a man was attacked after he posted a Craigslist ad searching for a companion.

Detective Sergeant Michael Trail, with the Landsdale Police Department, says the crime happened in January when a Lansdale man in his 20s used Craigslist to find a friend.

"There's no information in our investigation that leads us to believe this was more than a lonely individual who was seeking companionship and he was taken advantage of," said Trail.

Police say Delaware County resident Lara Ashley Mountz responded to the ad and met the man at his home.

Police say she wasn't alone.

According to Trail, Mountz show up with two other people who assaulted and tried to rob the man. Trail says they also tried to kidnap the man but he got away. Authorities say Mountz and the two others left and police want to hear more of their story.

"We've been in contact with Miss Mountz and other members of her family. She's aware of the investigation. She's aware of our request to surrender on the warrant," Trail said.

Trail says Mountz is not interested in cooperating.  He says what happened should be a reminder for people doing business online, to meet in a public space. He's even offering his parking lot with plenty of lights and cameras to make sure nothing bad happens.

"The parking lot is covered by surveillance cameras and therefore they can feel much safer when they transact these types of activities," Trail said.

Police believe Mountz may be in Drexel Hill or other parts of Delaware County.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Landsdale Police Department.


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