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La Salle University Prepping Incoming Students

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Philadelphia (CBS) - In the coming days and weeks, incoming college freshman will begin the process of moving out of home and into dorms for the first time. Dr. Lane Neubauer, Associate Dean of Students at La Salle University, says the school is doing everything they can to ease the transition.

Neubauer told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that student reactions to the process run the entire range of emotions.

"I think for ever student, it's different. Some students are very excited and they just can't wait to take the plunge into this new chapter of their lives. But many students feel nervous and, possibly, homesick [about] the anticipation of what this new life is going to be for them. There's not right or wrong way to react but we make sure that we support all students in making a smooth transition."

She stated La Salle goes to great lengths to ensure incoming students are paired with a roommate they can co-exist with.

"Students get a questionnaire, and get asked the major questions like do you like to stay up late at night, are you quiet, are you neat?...We try to match them up. We want the roommate situation to be a positive experience. Many students have never lived with somebody so close, and it's a great learning experience. I always say it's a way that they can prepare for getting married one day because, with your roommate, you've got to learn how to communicate, compromise, and all the skills you need to be in a good, long term relationship. We want it to work out."

Neubauer also said that parents are more active than they have been in the past and often take the separation worse than the students.

"This generation, parents are very involved with their kids. I know when I went off to college, I couldn't wait to say goodbye to my parents, but it's very different now. Parents are in there helping. They're helping to set up the rooms. They have very positive relationships with the students for the most part. They're there and sometimes we need to support the parents more than we need to support the students."

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