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La Salle Students Embark On Travel Study Program To Cuba

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A La Salle University contemporary Cuba class is going on a field trip…to Cuba.

They leave Friday and a KYW Newsradio newsroom assistant and web editor is among those going.

In addition to working at KYW, 21-year-old Gavin Lichtenstein is a Junior at La Salle. He's a communication major.

gavin cuba
Gavin Lichtenstein in the KYW Newsradio newsroom ahead of his trip to Cuba. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Gavin and eleven students enrolled in the course will be on the island nation for a week, and are aware it may not have all the conveniences and comforts of home.

"The professor told us to bring toilet paper," explains Lichtenstein. "Cuba doesn't have the Internet. We were instructed to bring cash. Our debit cards are inexistent in Cuba, as are our phones. So I think we are all excited to kind of get off of the grid in a way and really experience Cuba for the historical value."

He says he looks forward to meeting the people of Cuba and seeing how they view Americans and US politics:

"The next phase in America politics directly affects them and the Cuban people the Cuban government and the U-S Cuban embargo is a major part that will be discussed and will affect the Cuban people."

The class itinerary includes lectures on Cuban history, it's economic model and modern Cuban society. There are also visits planned to the US Embassy, Museum of Architecture and a rum factory.

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