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La Chocolatera Food Truck Serving Up Ultimate Chocolate Drinks Around Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It's a food truck that has become quite the popular spot over the past couple of months, and it's just for chocolate lovers. La Chocolatera's mantra is "drink your chocolate," and David Truskinoff is the man behind each and every rich, smooth cup.

"This is kind of my day going into the office," Truskinoff said as he walked into his food truck. "It's not hot cocoa, which is powder. This is chocolate. We make it from the bean to the cup."

His hot chocolate on chilly, spring days have been a hit in Love Park and the ingredients are surprisingly simple.

"What I do is make good chocolate, and it speaks for itself," Truskinoff said.

Whipped up in his Mount Airy commercial kitchen, Truskinoff's chocolate is made from organic, fair trade cacao beans shipped from Central and South America.

Mix that chocolate with your choice of dairy, top it off with a giant marshmallow and you have a treat fit for morning, noon or night.

"Chocolate is good anytime of the day," Truskinoff  said with a laugh.

But, chocolate hasn't always been in Truskinoff's blood.

"This whole thing for me, this whole chocolate experience, is kind of career 2.0, life 2.0," Truskinoff explained.

For more than two decades, Truskinoff was a conductor and music director on Broadway, working for shows including "Rent," "Hair," and "The Book of Mormon."

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While touring, he fell in love with Philadelphia and says he was in need of a change this year.

That's how he found his new passion, making people smile in a different way.

"Chocolate makes people feel happy," Truskinoff said. "They start smiling or laughing or pointing, and I love that."

His first winter season was a success.

With summer right around the corner, his drinking chocolate is changing. It's going from hot to cold with chilled and frozen treats.

The goodies, however, are sure to elicit the same response.

"As my truck turned, they all spotted me at the same time, and they all started clawing at the window," David said. "They started laughing hysterically of course. And that was like, that was my favorite moment."

You can find Truskinoff and his drinking chocolate truck in Love Park on Wednesdays.

La Chocolatera also pops up at different sports in the city as well.

You can track the truck's location on the website and their Facebook page.

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