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Kris Dunn Says He Wants To 'Come In And Play'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Kris Dunn is highly regarded as the most "NBA ready" prospect in Thursday night's draft.

At 6'4", 220-pounds, 22-years-old with four years of college experience at Providence, Dunn is physically and mentally ready for the NBA. Speaking with Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical PodcastDunn admitted he wants to make his impact felt immediately upon joining the league.

"I think any kid would want that, that type of rope," Dunn told Woj, when asked if he wants the ball right away. "Someone to just hand you the ball and allow you to operate. I understand at any team I go to, I have to go in there and I have to work hard for it.

"No one is just gonna hand you anything. But, in the NBA, it's all about the right fit and that's what I'm looking for. The right fit and to be able to come in and play. And be able to impact on both sides and feel comfortable and feel confident when I'm on the floor every game. And being around a great group of guys who can teach me more about the game, but also allow me to go out there and learn. I think that's the best way to get better. Just going out there and playing and just learning on the fly. Draft night, it's going to be exciting, but I'm definitely anxious to see what team I go to."

According to Gary Tanguay of CSNNE, the Sixers "really really" want Dunn and could be looking to make a trade to acquire another top-five pick to snag him.

Coming off a 10-72 season, their third straight season with less than 20 wins, the Sixers would certainly ask Dunn to contribute right away.

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When asked which guards he studies, Dunn mentioned six different names, including one rookie and one Hall Of Famer.

"Being my size, and my type of speed, and my length I like to watch [Rajon] Rondo," Dunn said. "I like to watch John Wall, I like to watch Russell Westbrook. And it's weird, I even like to watch Emmanuel Mudiay. I wanted to see how he did in his first year, what type of things he went through. How he would be able to impact the game on the offensive side and defensive side. I even watch Kyrie [Irving]. Sometimes I watch Isiah Thomas.

"How is a smart guard able to keep impacting the game so much? I watch a lot of guard. I'm just excited to get on the floor. I just want to see what I can do and I what I can fix down the road to become that."

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