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Koobservations: Let's Face It, Eagles Are Just Not That Good

DALLAS (CBS) -- We're not going to overthink this one. The Eagles flat out didn't look ready to play in a 37-10 loss to the Cowboys.

It's Week 7 and the Birds are now only one game back in the NFC East, so we don't have to all turn our keys simultaneously to blow up the season. But Sunday night was a less-than-encouraging effort by the Birds. Let's start with the very first drive.

Worst. Start. Ever.

You watched the game. I don't think we have to go over the excruciating details here. Just know that if your head coach says you're going to go on the road and win an important football game and that's how you come out of the gate, you deserve what you get.

Lack of Communication

Just before half, the Eagles took a timeout because they were ill-equipped to defend a 63-yard field goal. After the timeout, they only had 10 men on the field. That is lazy, checked-out football.

But wait, there's more! Before Dallas' third touchdown, the Eagles had 12 men on the field before hurriedly sending a man off before the snap.

They could have had 22 men on the field and it wouldn't have mattered because...

There was no accountability on the backside

On the first Cowboys' touchdown, I'll credit offensive coordinator Kellen Moore with unique play design. Tavon Austin motioned to the left, stopped and became the option to Dak Prescott's pitch. It was a nice play. No one was home on the backside whatsoever.

Fast forward to the first play of the Cowboys' next possession. It was a counter run that started with the offensive line blocking left. Prescott reverse pivoted and handed to Ezekiel Elliot, who cut right. The entire defensive line and linebacking crew vacated the right side and was washed down with no one home and Elliot ripped off 11 yards.

Finally, on the previously mentioned 12-man play, the entire defense got blocked down left and Prescott could have walked over to Blake Jarwin and handed him a six-point ball. The Eagles were too aggressive on the backside. Combine that with a heavier run-blitz package that didn't work and you have the recipe to get dominated.

Speaking of...

The Eagles defense has allowed 20 or more points in the first half to five of seven opponents

According to Warren Sharp, in the last 30 years, only the 2002 Bengals have done the same.

One of the opponents they held under 20 was the Luke Falk-led Jets. So it's as if it didn't really happen.

Poor offensive line play

It was going to be a tough task for Andre Dillard playing in place of Jason Peters at left tackle. He played well enough to not be the second coming of Winston Justice, but we might as well call Carson Wentz Steven Seagal because he was under siege the entire night.

But let's bring something else up. Wentz is clearly beginning to press. His interception was thrown in triple coverage and his fumble on the next possession was nothing short of a lapse in concentration. Neither was excusable.

Let's face facts

Through seven weeks, it's clear the Eagles were overestimated. They're injured, sure, but so is every team.

This Eagles' roster is not only inherently flawed with its lack of dynamic offensive skill players, but also lacks the depth of a championship contender.

Their wins are as arbitrary as their losses are frustrating -- Redskins, Jets and somehow the 6-1 Packers.

The losses? The objectively horrifying Atlanta Falcons, Lions, Vikings and Cowboys.

And you know what? I don't think the Cowboys are even that good. What does that make the 3-4 Philadelphia Eagles?

Not that good.

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