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Kids Learn About Healthy Eating At Salvation Army Cooking Class

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An after school program is helping kids learn the basic skill of healthy cooking.

About two years ago, Major Megdalia Lavenbein, corps officer at the Philadelphia Salvation Army Corps Center was inspired to start a cooking class for the low-income students that utilize this facility.

"We were really shocked to discover that the kids didn't know what the fruits and vegetables were," Lavenbein said. "They couldn't identify them."

She says children right here in Philadelphia who lack nutritionally dense food suffer from hunger.

"We can't allow children to be hungry anymore," Lavenbein said. "We can't. Shame on us if we see hunger and we continue to let it happen."

Cooking teacher Wiggy Olsen says it's much cheaper to make food in the kitchen than to buy it.

"This entire thing for 12 kids cost me $23," Olsen said. "If I went to Burger King, it would cost me $50."

And she says the kids crave healthy food.

"Like extra super good, stuff," said 9-year-old Gia. "Better than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!"

"These are survival skills for them," Lavenbein said. "And I want them to have the good survival skills with vegetables and fruits."

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