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Kensington Rec Center Expected To Receive Some Much Needed City Funds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Majority of Philadelphia rec centers and pools are in desperate need of repair. And one center in just outside of Kensington is gearing for a major investment that'll upgrade a much used and much love oasis.

WaterLoo Pool is located in the heart of a concrete jungle.

It's a blue water oasis that makes this section of North Philly known as the badlands feel pretty good.

"To us it's not the bad lands this is where we live," said Anthony Washington who runs the Waterloo pool and playground

This is the same park where he grew up, and with the help of a dedicated staff, this place is family.

The neighborhood moms and dads keep these decades old facilities going, patching cracks and peels, filling sink holes, and avoiding the swing sets minus the swings.
"They had to remove it because of state standings," he said. But a year from now Waterloo will get some TLC, finally.

Parks and Recreations Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell says a $1 million private investment will transform Waterloo.

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"You'll have a climbing tower, you'll have spinners," she said.

Plus a new basketball court and playground that could be done next summer.

Upgrades to the city's 400 other sites...depends on the half a billion dollar Rebuild Program funded by the soda tax which remains in limbo.

"We don't know at this point how much money will be going to pools, how much will be going to playgrounds," she said.

In the meantime 8 hours a day these kids will be here, and Anthony Washington say he will still keep the family going.

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