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Kenney On Trump's Travel Ban Plan: 'His Twitter Thumbs Doomed His Position'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Now that two federal judges have blocked President Trump's new travel ban - his third version - Mayor Jim Kenney says Mr. Trump should not hold his breath facing another long series of court hearings. But the Mayor says the president can't help himself on those social media rants.

Mayor Kenney says President Trump is running into one legal brick wall after another.

'Thank God for our court system, which is saving us from a totalitarian administration," Kenney said.

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The third iteration of President Trump's travel ban had been set to go into effect blocking travelers from a handful of countries, most of them predominantly Muslim, from coming to the U.S., when judges from Hawaii and Maryland made their rulings. One singled out the president's own words on the campaign trail and on Twitter. Mayor Kenney says those tweetstorms "are digging his hole even deeper."

"His own big mouth and Twitter thumbs doomed his position," the mayor said. "He can keeping on tweeting as long as he likes. It just digs his hole a little deeper."

The Justice Department vows to appeal. The White House says the rulings undercut the president's efforts to "keep the American people safe and enforce minimum security standards for entry into the U.S."

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