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Bouncer Wanted In Death Of Eric Pope After Deadly Punch Turns Himself In To Philadelphia Police

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Kenneth Frye, the bouncer wanted for murder following a deadly punch outside a Philly lounge and bar, has turned himself in, police say. A warrant for Frye's arrest was issued Wednesday.

Video obtained by CBS3 shows the moments before Frye punched Eric Pope in the head around 1 a.m. outside Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar on Saturday, April 16. Pope was living in Washington D.C. but visiting Philly that weekend.

Sources close to the investigation say Pope was on 12th Street after being escorted out of the bar for being intoxicated around 1 a.m. At some point, Pope appears to approach the back of a white SUV. Immediately after, the bouncer walks up to Pope and punches him.

Pope falls immediately, hitting his head on the pavement.

He remained on the ground for nearly two minutes, until the bouncer and another person drag him to the sidewalk.

Pope was eventually taken to the hospital and put on life support and later died from his injuries.

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