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Keep It In The Family: Why A Charter Bus Is A Must For Your Next Family Reunion

People tend to travel far for their family reunions, but there's no need to wait out a long drive before your get-together actually begins. The fun can commence the minute you start to burn pavement. Why not hit the road with as many members of your clan as possible so you can start the bonding process as soon as the wheels are in motion? Take some of the pressure off of the organizers and open your family to more bonding activities through the rental of a charter bus. If those reasons aren't enough to convince you, here are some other reasons you and yours should consider doing so.


Driving Pros

Hiring a charter bus answers an important need. Doing so means a professional will handily take care of the driving while you catch up with your extended kin during the ride as everyone is chauffeured in style to the long-awaited event. Is that drive not long enough time to really get truly reacquainted with everyone in attendance? No worries. Your extra spacious chariot will be on hand all weekend as you reconvene with your relatives at a central spot convenient to everyone who will be attending.

Because you have a bus at your disposal for the duration, your group may tend to add in more activities than is typical of a family reunion. You could plan a hike convenient to where you will be staying, with the driver ready to drop you off at one end of the trail and pick you up at the other. Ditto a trip to the nearest zoo or a meaningful museum or even an awesome amusement park. Is a family baseball game on the agenda? Get ready for the fun with the rest of the relatives as you head to the field and take in the event, with the fun lasting until even after the last strike is called.



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Reunion Dining

Reunion meals become a joy to plan when you know how you'll be getting to your restaurant of choice and how you will be getting back. The leaders of this family meet-up can even make sure menus are sitting on each bus seat so dishes can be chosen before you ever get to the eatery, shortening the time starving relatives need to wait before being served. Then there's that chance for the adults in your clan to clink glasses at a bar. Why not? After all, there won't be any drinking and driving to worry about because your faithful driver will be able to deliver a not-necessarily-sober bunch safely back to their temporary abode without incident.


Carefree Driving

While family reunions tend to be packed with activities for all concerned, this special weekend affair can also tire out the attendees after the excitement dies down. No problem. Remember, you don't have to get behind the wheel to get home, so you can just relax and even sleep as this memorable occasion comes to an end. The person steering will be ready for this final stage of the big event — or at least the final one for this year.

Another reason to use a bus charter as your means of transportation for your next family reunion? This is a great way to keep costs down while you can still be up for the adventure. Not only that, but there's another very important bonus: Using one vehicle instead of dozens is very good for the environment, and what American family wouldn't be on board for that?


This article was written by Jane Lasky on for CBS Local.

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