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Former Attorney General Kathleen Kane Faces Sentencing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania's former top prosecutor finds herself on the receiving end of a judge's sentence today.

Kathleen Kane will return to court after being convicted of leaking grand jury documents and lying under oath.

Former AG Kane Hopes To Avoid Jail For Perjury

The sentence could range from probation to a maximum sentence of 12 to 24 years in prison.

Kane and her attorneys are hoping for leniency and have asked the judge for as much.

Kane is hoping the judge will grant her probation or house arrest so she can be home to raise her two teenage sons.

She argued that the loss of her career, her law license, and her reputation is punishment enough.

However, prosecutors call her crimes 'egregious' and are pushing for jail time.

Former AG Kane 'Humbled' By Conviction, Seeks Probation

During Kane's trial the prosecution told a story about the attorney general's fall from grace. At first, Kane enjoyed mostly positive press, as she supported gay marriage and ramped up the child predator unit, but that soon changed.

Top deputies and seasoned prosecutors started to leave.

During her trial, prosecutors laid out a calculated scheme Kane concocted. She had a campaign consultant pass confidential grand jury documents to a reporter to make a rival prosecutor look bad. She then tried to frame someone else for the leak.

Montco DA Objects To Kane's Request For House Arrest

Kane did not testify at her August trial.


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