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Kate Bilo Hospitalized Following Multiple Blood Clots In Lungs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- CBS3 meteorologist Kate Bilo was hospitalized following a health scare over the weekend.

Bilo revealed on Facebook that doctors found she multiple blood clots in her lungs on Saturday, which is also known as a pulmonary embolism.

"I was admitted to the hospital and immediately started anticoagulation treatment, and they tell me I will be fine - though the pain remains for now and I will have to give myself many injections in the coming months," Bilo posted.

Bilo said she initially felt a dull pain in her side on Friday when she took a deep breath. The pain spread to her shoulder on Saturday.

Bilo said she thought she might've pulled a muscle from picking up her newborn baby, but when taking an Advil didn't help relieve the pain, she went to the emergency room.

"And please let my experience serve as a reminder to ALWAYS listen to what your body is telling you – it would have been so easy for me to write off the pain as muscular or think 'I'm too busy to go to the ER.' And sometimes that's the difference between life and death," Bilo wrote.


Dr. Bushra, who is the chief of emergency medicine at Lankenau Medical Center, said the clots usually start in the leg and travel through the heart and into the lungs.

"Most pregnant women have some swelling in the legs to begin with, so the blood flow through the legs isn't normal," Dr. Bushra explained. "And then often they aren't moving around as much, especially after having a baby, so that combination of things will often lead to this condition."

Dr. Bushra said Bilo made a wise choice in getting herself to the hospital.

"She did the right thing; she came to the hospital; she listened to her body," he said.

Dr. Bushra is also applauding Bilo for going public with her story because he feels people need to know not to ignore unusual pains.

"The quicker the treatment you get the better the outcome," Dr. Bushra said.

Bilo was discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

She gave birth to her baby girl, Solenne Marit Elisabeth, last month.

CBS3 wishes Bilo a very healthy and speedy recovery.

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