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According To Kanye West, 'Cosby Is Innocent'

by Jasmine Payoute

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – From saying that former President George W. Bush 'doesn't care about black people' to announcing his run for president in 2020, Kanye West has never been shy about stating his opinion on what some might call "touchy" topics.

On Tuesday, the outspoken rapper posted a tweet in support of comedian Bill Cosby.

West gave no further explanation about the tweet but a song released by him called "Facts" did reveal some pro-Cosby sentiments.

"Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget names just like Steve Harvey?" Kanye rapped.

For those who are unaware, Bill Cosby is currently undergoing a criminal case filed by, former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand. In a preliminary hearing, that happened just days ago, a Montgomery County judge ordered that prosecutors can move forward with the case.

Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women. If convicted, the TV star could get up to 10 years in prison.

With the case negatively impacting his legacy, many celebrities have come forward publicly denouncing the man, formally referred to as "America's dad."

These celebrities, just like Kanye, took to twitter to voice their opinions.

Judd even had some words for Kanye himself. He retweeted this picture:

And posted this one:

While social media users continue to express their dismay over Kanye's tweet, you must admit that the man sure does know how to steal the show.


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