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Kansas Coach Bill Self Sheds Light On Joel Embiid 'Setback'

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This past weekend was a stressful one for Sixers fans. It started off with reports about D'Angelo Russell cancelling his workout with the Sixers. As if that wasn't enough to stir up some speculation, the team made it known that Joel Embiid had suffered what some refer to as a setback in the healing process for his foot.

There have been a number of triggers that have Sixers fans contemplating whether to go into full out panic mode. Speculation has started linking Embiid to another surgery and to a second straight season on the bench.

The Sixers have not addressed any of that, only going so far as to make it clear that they are going to be conservative because the doctors have informed them they are not seeing the level of healing they anticipated at this time.

On Monday, Embiid's college coach, Bill Self, addressed the media and discussed what he knows about the latest chapter in his former pupil's story.

Benton Smith of KUSports shared some of Self's comments on Embiid.

"Basically, he's been working out and everything, and the doctor told him, based on doing the MRIs or X-rays or whatever they do, even though it feels better, it doesn't look like it's made the progress they would hope at this stage, so they were gonna slow him down," Self told the media.

Self also took the time to draw a distinction between a "setback," and what Embiid has been told.

"By no means, from what [Embiid] has told us, 'slow down' does not mean major setback. It means they're gonna give it a little bit more time to heal before they put him in stressful situations."

For Sixers fans who were ready to press the panic button, take a step back and take a deep breath. Embiid reportedly was not hurt doing any particular activity and he is not experiencing pain.

Could this be an absolutely dire situation for the franchise? Yes, it absolutely can.

However, it is too early to panic.


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