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Justin Pugh Wouldn't Mind Dropping In The Draft If It Means Going To The Eagles

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When Vinny Curry was drafted by the Eagles in 2012, it seemed like he was the happiest guy ever to be drafted. Curry grew up an Eagles fan, and the opportunity to play for the team he rooted for growing up was a chance that few ever get to realize.

If the Eagles select Justin Pugh, they'd be drafting the second big Eagles fan in as many years.

Pugh, who went to Council Rock high school and then Syracuse University, grew up and remains a big fan of the Eagles.

"Ah, that'd be unreal man," Pugh told TSP Radio about the idea of being drafted by the Eagles. "I mean I worked out with them [the Eagles] three times, they liked me a lot. They pick at four, obviously I'm not going to go at four."

Pugh, who is projected anywhere from mid-first round and below, would even be alright with dropping in the draft, if it means going to the Eagles.

"If they don't go tackle with that fourth pick, then you know early second round, if I'm still around maybe they could trade up and get me that late first round, or hopefully I can fall to them at 36. The coaches are great, it's a new era in Philadelphia. They've never really had a local kid, a guy from right in the area. I mean, we have LeSean McCoy, but Harrisburg is a little bit of a trek from here. So that'd be awesome man. I would love it, I would eat it up."

Maybe Pugh wouldn't mind, but would his agent?

"The way it's all scaled out now, guys aren't making as much money as they used too. So, late first round, early second round will have the same type of money," Pugh said.

As a fan, Pugh is excited for the Chip Kelly era, as most fans are.

"It's a fresh start. Philadelphia is going to have a fresh start in football," Pugh said. "It's going to be an exciting time for these next couple of years. This Eagles team is going to be a team like, you know how Indianapolis went from a very bad team last year to a very good team this year, a playoff team. I think the Eagles are going to do something like that this year."

Whether Pugh is part of that fresh start in Philadelphia, we'll soon find out. And if Pugh gets his wish, it might mean being drafted on Friday rather than Thursday.

Listen to the entire Pugh interview with TSP Radio AT THIS LOCATION.

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