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Jury Hears Testimony From Defendant's Son, Husband In Trial Of Woman Accused Of Burning Down Officer's Home

LOWER POTTSGROVE, Pa. (CBS) -- The prosecution continues to build its case against a Montgomery County woman accused of burning down the home of her next-door neighbor, a police officer, because, prosecutors allege, she felt that police officer was responsible for her son's ongoing legal issues.

The prosecution continues to try to show motive, which they allege was an on-going battle between the defendant Donna Krupp and her next-door neighbor, Limerick Township police detective Ernie Morris.

Much of that according to authorities, centered on her son's repeated probation violations, and continued incarceration.

That son, Joshua Beauseigneur was called as a witness by the prosecution. Excerpts shown of a letter he wrote from prison to his mother for her birthday, just days before the fire was set, blaming Detective Morris for his incarceration, including the quotes: "He ruined my life" and "He took it all away."

Krupp's husband also testifying that she had said she felt Det. Morris should be "more of a neighbor and less of a police officer at home."

The defense argues the motive is a red herring, and that Krupp is innocent.

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