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Juror Shares Reaction To Seth Williams' Guilty Plea

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Seth Williams is now in prison. The former Philadelphia District Attorney pleaded guilty to one count of bribery, and acknowledged misconduct in the rest of the 28 counts, which have been dismissed.

Now jurors are reacting to the surprising move.

Jurors heard two weeks of testimony and after Seth Williams accepted the plea deal, the jurors were thanked and dismissed.

Many of them left the court room, and went across the street for a beer; and for an informal deliberation meeting.

"I felt that there was obviously a lot of wrongdoing and unethical behavior," said juror Zoa Kile from Lancaster.

She says many thought they would vote to convict Williams, but not everyone.

"These were events that happened, but did they rise to the Federal offense that he was being charged with? I was questioning that, but I just don't think others were questioning that," Kile said.

Williams remains in Federal custody and will be sentenced in October.

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