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Judicial Crisis Network: Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Not About Women's Health

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Carrie Severino, the Chief Council and Policy Director at the Judicial Crisis Network, talked with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about a Supreme Court ruling striking down tightened regulations on abortion clinics passed by the state of Texas.

Severino insisted that the decision is not in the best interest of women who receive care at these clinics.

"I keep on thinking how ironic this case is. The main plaintiff is a group of abortion clinics called Whole Woman's Health and their goal here is to lower health standards in clinics. That's great for their bottom line but I don't think it's actually great for women's health. I think the Court really went out of its way to bend a lot of regular rules that you would apply in a legal case. I think it really gets under their skin that a state would have any flexibility at all with women's health restrictions."

She referenced the case of Kermit Gosnell to accuse proponents of abortion and the political left of hypocrisy in their opposition to the rules Texas attempted to install.


"There was great quote and I think it was from Justice Breyer's opinion, and it said, they were talking about Kermit Gosnell because these regulations were exactly what the Gosnell grand jury recommended...They said, yes, things like Gosnell are horrible, but bad people are going to do bad things. You don't know if these regulations are going to stop him. That just echoed to me, Sandy Hook happened and someone says, oh no, we need to have all of these news regulations that wouldn't have even addressed the issues, wouldn't even have stopped the Sandy Hook killer, for example, that have guns.

"People would say, sometimes there bad people who are going to do bad things. You can't stop every shooting through legislation," Severino continued. "It was just exactly the same argument, but the only [exception] they're willing to make that about is an abortion clinic. They don't recognize in any other area of life that you can't necessarily regulate away perfection."

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