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Judge Throws Out FOP Lawsuit Over District Attorney's So-Called 'Do Not Call' List

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A judge ruled Philadelphia prosecutors can keep a so-called "do not call list" about police accused of wrongdoing. And now the Fraternal Order of Police is planning an appeal.

The DA's office keeps a database of officers who have histories of arrests, disciplinary actions or providing false testimony.

Prosecutors working on a case involving any of those officers then alert defendants, and sometimes, the officer is not called to testify at trial.

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Last year, The Inquirer reported 66 officers were on the list. The police union sued to end the practice and on Friday, blasted the judge who dismissed the lawsuit.

FOP President John McNesby said this is another example of DA Larry Krasner pushing his "anti-law enforcement agenda."

Krasner dismissed that, saying opposition to the disclosures shows that the FOP prioritizes protecting officers who do wrong.

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