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Judge Tells Jurors In Ligambi Racketeering Retrial To Keep Deliberating

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The jury in a federal mob trial reported to the judge today that it had reached a partial verdict after more than a week of deliberations.

Without revealing their decisions so far, the jurors said they now agree on two of the five counts against alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi and alleged co-conspirator George Borgesi.

But the judge told the jury to keep working, to try to reach verdicts on all the counts.

After some additional deliberations by the jurors, the judge recessed the trial until Tuesday.   (The Martin Luter King holiday is Monday.)

This is a retrial for both defendants.  Both were previously acquitted of some charges, but the jury was hung on the main charge against them: racketeering conspiracy.

The defendants have pleaded not guilty, and the defense has maintained that prosecutors have not proven their "overhyped" case.

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