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Trial Of Labor Union Leader John Dougherty, Councilman Bobby Henon Delayed After Juror Tests Positive For COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The trial of labor union leader John Doughtery and councilman Bobby Henon has been delayed due to a COVID-19 exposure among jurors, according to the judge presiding in the case. Eyewitness News learned one juror was excused mid-Monday afternoon because the juror was exposed to the virus and has since tested positive.

That juror was replaced by an alternate.

For a time, it appeared there could be reason to halt the federal corruption trial of John Dougherty and Robert Henon.

Defense attorneys did not want to talk about a juror testing positive for COVID-19.

Dougherty and Henon arrived at court just after lunch Tuesday.

The judge explained he asked all jurors to get rapid tested because of exposure. So far, those tests results are all negative. He said all jurors are vaccinated.

Prosecutors also declined to chat with Eyewitness News.

Meanwhile, hanging in the balance is how the jury will view conflicting takes on the Dougherty-Henon relationship and if it amounted to bribery and honest services fraud.

Defense attorneys have argued the two were fierce, tireless advocates for labor, and there was no evidence of a bribe presented.

Prosecutors countered Henon's salary from IBEW and other benefits secured him as Dougherty's inside man on City Council, and that he allegedly leveraged control over various projects and initiatives across the city.

The jury is due back at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday when the judge will instruct them on the law, and then they will deliberate in a large courtroom adjacent to where the trial has been held where there's a lot of space.

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