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Focus Turns To Bobby Henon In Bribery, Corruption Trial Of City Councilmember, John Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Testimony continued Wednesday in the federal bribery and corruption trial of labor leader John Dougherty and City Councilmember Bobby Henon. This was the sixth day for the trial, and much of the testimony centered on Verizon Fios' build-out throughout the city.

Dougherty was all smiles once again walking into federal court Wednesday. It's likely because his co-defendant, Henon, was the focus.

The jury heard from Steve Robertson, the chief of staff for the city's Office of Innovation and Technology.

His testimony centered around the seven-year Verizon Fios build-out that eventually led to a worker strike in the spring of 2016.

Federal prosecutors allege Henon got contributions from Communication Workers of America, the union representing Verizon workers. Prosecutors argue, in exchange, they got his support in labor negotiations.

Henon's defense team says he was working in the best interest of the city.

In afternoon testimony, the jury heard from FBI special agent Jason Blake once again, who testified in wiretapped phone calls from local CWA President James Gardler.

Gardler is heard asking Henon to plan a public hearing on the build-out. Additionally, Gardler is heard saying it would give them leverage in negotiations with Verizon on a new contract.

Through campaign finance records, the prosecution alleges the CWA gave Henon's campaign $5,000 as the public hearing was being scheduled. Henon chaired the committee.

The build-out was to be completed in February of 2016. The hearing wasn't until April 2016 and the work still wasn't completed.

Since 2011, Henon's campaign has received over $27,000 from CWA. The largest single donation was the $5,000 Henon received right around that public hearing and contract negotiations.

The trial resumes Thursday.

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