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Joe Banner 'Would Bet' Carson Wentz Becomes A Hall Of Famer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Eagles president Joe Banner is not tepid when it comes to praising Carson Wentz.

In fact, on Howard Eskin's podcast this week, Banner said he would bet Wentz becomes a Hall Of Fame quarterback.

"I think Wentz is going to be amongst the top quarterbacks we've ever seen in a long, long time -- if not ever," said Banner.


"If there was a bet you could place on somebody in the future being a Hall Of Fame player, I would bet him. I really think he's that good. Because he has got the key things at A-plus levels and I don't see anything -- other than healthy -- that should keep him from being in that group."

Wentz, 24, has thrown for 2,657 yards, 28 touchdowns, and just five interceptions this season. He's also rushed for 253 yards and has his team on a nine-game winning streak, including three straight 28-point wins. Wentz is the odds on favorite to win this year's most valuable player award.

Banner also talked about the Doug Pederson comments made by Mike Lombardi -- Banner's former employee during his tenure as the CEO of the Browns in 2013. Before the season, Lombardi called Pederson "less qualified to coach a team than anyone I've ever seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL."

Well, Pederson has the Eagles at 10-1 now, best in the NFL.

"He's obviously got some other agenda, some other personal feeling," Banner said of Lombardi. "He's been in the business a long time, it's just not wise to go that far out on the limb -- even if you believe it. You're talking about a guy who played in the league for many years, everybody respected as a smart person -- a really high character person. He trained under people that are very, very highly respected. He had a reasonable amount of experience.

"Listen, part of the joy -- I'm sure they'll deny it and it's not high up on the list of joys for Doug and his staff -- but it's proving how wrong that is.

"Head coach doesn't do anything more important than hiring a staff, and I don't know anybody who knew the game could have looked at that staff he hired and not felt like, 'Wow, he hired one heck of a staff here.' So, that by itself --- before they even started playing games -- refuted the comments that Mike made."

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