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'' Redirects You To Donald Trump's Campaign Website

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Politics doesn't exactly have the reputation as being the cleanest game out there, but someone pulled off a trick in support of Donald Trump that goes beyond the typical tactics we often see.

Imagine you're a United States citizen and you want to get more informed about the candidates battling it out for the White House. You decide to check out Jeb Bush, so you type in

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Makes sense, right? The problem is redirects you to, the official website for Donald Trump's campaign. Don't believe it, try for

Bush's official website URL is actually

Usually during elections, campaigns will buy the rights to several domain names that connect to their candidate. The reason is to prevent things like this from happening. They don't want opponents, or opponent's supporters, to be able to buy domains and direct potential supporters away from their online presence.

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For example, if you type in, it redirects you to the actual site, which is

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