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Commentary: Jay Paterno's Statements About Joe Paterno Are Contradictory

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When Jay Paterno spoke to Angelo Cataldi earlier this week about the report his family released regarding his father and the Sandusky scandal, he pleaded ignorance on his father's part.

"Well, I can you tell you this. In our house one of the topics we never talked about was anything sexual. In my house, I'm still waiting for the birds and bees talk before I get married," Jay Paterno said. "He did not understand this issue. I didn't, I'm half his age and I have five kids. I read Clemente's report and literally finished it, and said to my wife, we have to have a different conversation with our own children."

However, Paterno's statements seem to contradict what he said before the scandal happened.

"Well, he's kind of dumb like a Fox," Jay Paterno said of his father, when talking to ESPN's Colin Cowherd about Joe Paterno's relationship with Twitter. "He plays like he doesn't know what it is, but he wants to know that we're on it. We're using it in recruiting, we're using it to promote our university. He's not necessarily sitting in front of a laptop, looking up to see what somebody Twittered, but he's aware of what's going on."

Clearly, Paterno's relationship with social media, and his understanding of Sandusky's sexual abuse are two very different things. But the ability to be "dumb like a fox" is a skill that could be applicable to more than just Twitter.

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