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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: The End of Clip-Clop, Clip-Clop?

By Jay Lloyd

NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBS) -- You've probably heard that New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is asking his City Council to ban those iconic horse-drawn carriages so familiar to Central Park visitors.

But even if he gets his way, the carriage rides will still be available elsewhere, near and far.

You could go to Bermuda, for instance, to ride on narrow, palm-lined lanes in St. George (below), or on the Hamilton waterfront.

horse Bermuda 06 026 _jlloyd
(A buggy ride in St. George, Bermuda. File photo by Jay Lloyd)


Or here at home, you can take a ride around Old City Philadelphia, from Independence Mall.

Why? As Central Park carriage driver Kevin Harriott explained recently, there's romance to be found.

"It's a piece of history. It's so quaint and quiet in the park. So, it's definitely very romantic," he says.

We've found the romance of carriage rides in Dublin, Ireland (below), near St. James Gate, home of the Guinness storehouse; in Barcelona, Spain, at Las Ramblas; and in Florence, Italty, by the Duomo.

Dublin Horse _jlloyd
(A buggy driver in Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Jay Lloyd)


But whoa just a minute!  The New York smart money is saying that on this one, de Blasio may not get his way.


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