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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

By Jay Lloyd

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CBS) -- There's a pristine floral oasis just a short subway ride from midtown Manhattan, and it's an ideal diversion during your next Broadway getaway.

The cherry blossoms are still in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, about 30 minutes from the Great White Way.

On our recent Mother's Day visit, the garden was crowded with strollers walking the esplanade under a canopy of blossoms.  Cameras were everywhere, to capture the brief burst of falling petals.

For New Yorkers it's the ideal time to wander this 52-acre canvas of color.

"Oh, it's so beautiful this time of year.  I think this might be the perfect weekend," said one woman.

"I'm speechless -- it's so beautiful," added a man.


Japanese Garden _jlloyd
(Photo by Jay Lloyd)


Attractions include a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and a conservatory holding a display of tropical growth.

The big draw for the kids is a fish- and turtle-filled pond that reflects the surrounding greenery.

The garden is part of Prospect Park, a stop on the subway line that takes you to fabled Coney Island.


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