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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Rockfishing in Rock Hall





By Jay Lloyd

ROCK HALL, Md. (CBS) -- The rockfish are running on the nearby Chesapeake Bay, and it's easy to arrange an action-filled charter fishing getaway.

Chesapeake Bay waters are relatively placid compared to the Atlantic, but there's still some big fish -- including a lot of full-flavored rockfish waiting for an angler's bait.

Captain Rich Manley, who operates Traveler Charters out of Rock Hall, Maryland, near the fish-rich waters off the Chester River, says it's a fish known elsewhere by a different name:

"Stripers.  Rockfish we call 'em.  Later on we'll get the other fish, but right now it's mostly stripers."

chester river dock
(Chester River charter fishing dock. Credit: Jay Lloyd)


Cap'n Rich is one of more than a dozen charter skippers in the area who usually take their limit well before a half-day excursion is over.

"A lot of action," he advises.  "You've pretty much got a fish coming in all the time."

The tab is $450 for a group of six, although Cap'n Rich and other skippers can carry up to 12.  It works out to $75 a head for a great time on the water and a freezer of fresh, flavorful fish for some summer grilling.

Start at and click on the fishing charter tab.

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