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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Haunted Getaway

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Looking for some adult fun and a haunted getaway this weekend. KYW's Jay Lloyd offers two words - New Hope.

From a spirit raising meander through a hotel with its own ghost to a train ride through some scary countryside, New Hope is the place to be this weekend. And if you want to make it a costumed affair, stop first at the vintage clothing Mecca on Main Street known as Love Saves the Day, where Stacia Kauriga outfits local theaters in authentic garb.

"They do Music Man, we have to cater them. They do Grease we have to cater them."

Pick your era and find your character. Then stay, sup or sip at the Logan Inn to meet the resident ghost. Take a Haunted ride on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad with liquid spirits to ward off the jitters raised by the supernatural ones. And wrap up at the Bucks County Playhouse with a live performance of the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.


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