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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Gettysburg, 150 Years After Lincoln Assassination

By Jay Lloyd

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- As we mark 150 years since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, we note that a getaway to nearby Gettysburg is a rewarding way to reflect on both the man and his turbulent times.

"Four score and seven years ago." It's a phrase every American schoolkid can readily recite. That, and "All men are created equal."

gettysburg griders _jlloyd
(Bill Grider and his son Luke, from Indiana, at the Gettysburg Address memorial. File photo by Jay Lloyd)


The Lincoln legacy was spelled out in a single speech he delivered at Gettysburg.  But it take a visit to that central Pennsylvania town and the nearby battlefield to put the grimmest national conflict into perspective.

Visitors arrive from around the country and the world to absorb the enormity of a defining period in history.  What brings them here?  "The sacrifice and the dedication of the men who fought here for the preservation of our union," said one.

gettysburg pub _jlloyd
(The Pub and Restaurant, on Lincoln Square, in the town of Gettysburg. File photo by Jay Lloyd)


The visitors' center outlines available tours, including self-guided ones.

The region has plenty of lodging and restaurants at all price levels; most are very kid-friendly.


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