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Why hasn't Temple's president moved to campus yet as he promised?

Why hasn't Temple's president moved to campus yet as he promised?
Why hasn't Temple's president moved to campus yet as he promised? 01:56

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Temple University's president promised to move to campus and sell his Chestnut Hill home back in December.

But, it's March 22 and neither has happened.

Temple sophomore student Krysta Zapiec lives next door to the future home of Temple University President Jason Wingard. 

Zapiec said he hasn't seen any of his belongings moved inside the home, and the place is empty. 

"I think it's PR," Zapiec said. "I definitely think it's PR. Moving to campus might seem make him look better." 

Wingard announced his plan to move a block from campus back in December. 


"It allows us to have partnerships with the community in a way that we'd never had before," Wingard said back in December.  

As months passed, the move still hasn't happened. 

A Temple spokesperson told CBS News Philadelphia renovations inside the home remain underway, and Wingard would move after they're completed. 

"It's really disappointing," Gregg Kravitz, of OFC Realty, said, 

In addition to Wingard moving to North Philly, he had also promised he would sell his Chestnut Hill home that his family's owned for more than 20 years.

"Chestnut Hill is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia," Kravitz said.

Kravitz says property records indicate Wingard's primary Chestnut Hill address remains off the market.

"If he really wants to demonstrate that he is the leader that he is claiming to be, he should move there immediately," Kravitz said. 

Kravitz adds Wingard still has time to do so, and says there are plenty of rentals and opportunities to buy.  

Students CBS News Philadelphia spoke with are holding him to his promise.

"I think it would be better," Zapiec said. "At least for him." 

A Temple spokesperson says the move is now expected to happen in May. 

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