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This Is How Jason Kelce Got His Memorable Mummers Suit

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Jason Kelce's passionate speech and singing aren't the only things people are talking about as his Mummers suit got some attention at Thursday's Super Bowl celebration.

"No one likes us, no one likes us, we don't care. We're from Philly!" Kelce said during his impassioned speech.

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Kelce wanted something that says Philly for the parade and what better than a little sequins and feathers.

"This was all his idea to become a Mummer," said Libby Hitt, a hair stylist at an Old City salon.

Hitt cuts Kelce's hair and says the Eagles center knew her husband is a Mummer and asked her if he could help get a costume to fit him.

"So when he called to ask for the suit, I asked him, 'What are your measurements?' He said, 'Oh, you know, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-5, 280.' I said, 'OK, we'll just round up, 300 pounds, 6-foot-5.' I said, 'I'll see what we can do,' and you know, we had a suit within a few minutes, so it was no problem at all," she said.

Kelce did rock the outfit, even if it may have confused the rest of the world.

"The confusion has been kind of entertaining to watch over the social media outlets and the news," said Hitt. "Like, why is he in a genie costume?"

The suit is from the Avalon String Band's 2008 Ire-Land of Leprechauns.

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"Jason marches to the beat of his own drum, I try just to make him happy," said Hitt. "That's all I try to do."

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