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Jason Kelce Admits Evan Mathis' Del Frisco's Tab Was "A Complete Hoax"

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Last week, Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson tweeted out a photo of his tab from Del Frisco's Steak House in Philadelphia worth over $17,000. Quickly, the picture went viral.

On Thursday night, Johnson's teammate and fellow offensive lineman Evan Mathis, tweeted a photo of a different bill from Del Frisco's. This one was worth a ridiculous $64,055.76, with the caption, "Teaching rookies a lesson..."

Eagles center, Jason Kelce, joined the WIP Morning Show on Friday and spilled the beans that Mathis' tweet was a joke.

"This was a complete hoax [laughing] that was designed by Evan Mathis to mislead the media across the nation," Kelce said on Friday morning. "Apparently, it did its job. He spent all day making sure the prices were right, making sure everything looked good."

Listen to the audio below:



Kelce also explained that him and some of his other veteran teammates talked to Johnson, the second-year player, about his tweet of a real bill.

"Twitter is going to be something that people are going to interpret however they want," Kelce said. "You tweet out a bill of 17 thousand dollars, people don't know whether you're bragging. What are you trying to accomplish by posting that on the internet? 17 thousand dollars is half of somebody's yearly salary, maybe some peoples full--it's never a good thing to put out on the internet."

Mathis followed Kelce's interview on 94WIP with this tweet:

What no one realized is, the first letter of each item on the bill (view here) reads: ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-ROSHAMBO. Hat tip to Evan Mathis.


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