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Jake Tapper: I Definitely Did Not See This Coming

Philadelphia (CBS) - Cable news host Jake Tapper expressed shock at Donald Trump's stunning victory, defeating Hillary Clinton for the White House and capturing Pennsylvania in the process, telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he was caught off guard by the outcome.


"I definitely did not see this coming, but there was part of me that always thought, how can his crowds be so big and the polls show her winning when her crowds are nothing like that unless she has Bon Jovi and Bruce there? How is that possible? Then I said to myself, well, the numbers guys, the data analysts and the pollsters and the prognosticators and voter modelers and all these people, they are unanimous. We went to the Republican National Committee for an embargoed briefing, the information could not be used until today, last week and they did not predict a Donald Trump win."

He insists that this is one of the seminal moments in American political history.

"I don't think this is an overstatement, this is the most stunning political story of our lifetimes. Ronald Reagan was a huge story in 1980, but polls closing in on those last few days did suggest that he would win."

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