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'It's So Disrespectful': Philadelphia Family Upset After Someone Vandalized Grandparents' Mausoleum

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A family has reached out to Eyewitness News looking for help after their loved one's resting place was vandalized. Someone is responsible for cleaning up this mess, but finding the owners of this property has been a challenge.

It's been over 30 years so there are no records. The family says they just want to get ahold of someone to clean it up.

"You see all the graffiti on top, on the pillars, it's really bad," Mike Lightcap said.

Lightcap is in disbelief as he looked at the tagged mausoleum where his grandparents Albert and Laura DeMarco were laid to rest on Devereux and Milner Streets more than 30 years ago.

"My grandparents are right there, the DeMarco name," Lightcap said.

He says he noticed the graffiti about three weeks ago and as time passed, it got worse.

"First, I was mad that someone would have the audacity to do that, it's so disrespectful," Lightcap said.

And second, he can't get ahold of anyone to clean it up and there are no signs on the property to pinpoint who owns it.

Lightcap's friend helped tracked the company that owns the property, River's Edge Memorial Center. Eyewitness News called the owner several times but no one answered or called back.

"I would hope whoever owns the establishment would do something about it and take care of it," Jean Lightcap said.

Jean Lightcap, Mike's mother, was just as appalled at the vandalism. She says her parents saved up for the special spots.

"They saved up money to pay for the mausoleum," she said. "She wanted to make sure they had a good resting place at the end of their time."

Lightcap has a message for the people doing this.

"Grow up," he said.

The question now remains: Do they move their family members or let them stay? As of right now, they are just focused on trying to get it all cleaned up.

CBS3's Jan Carabeo contributed to this report.

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