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It's For 'Reel!' Trout Season Set To Open In Southeastern Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Trout season opens Saturday morning in Southeastern Pennsylvania. But the local stream-stocking effort started early this month.

Pennsylvania Waterways Conservation Officer Nathan Hancock says it's a mix of Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout, including one of its color variants, the Golden Rainbow.

"Golden Rainbows are basically a Rainbow Trout which is bred to be all gold," Hancock said. "They're a really really beautiful fish, and they tend to be popular with our anglers."

You'll need a license, and a trout and salmon permit, both of which you can buy at or through the fishboatpa phone app. You'll also find info that can keep you on the right side of the law.

"It's a limit of five per day," Hancock warned. "A minimum of seven inches."

But first, you have to catch one. Hancock says he's seen anglers use a lot of different, and downright weird kinds of bait.

"I ran into a guy using french fries," he said. "He was having really good success catching catfish in the Delaware River."

Trout tastes may not be much more refined. They're said to like cheese, corn, and marshmallows.

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