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Items Left Behind At Phila. Airport To Be Sold Online

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Officials at Philadelphia International Airport are trying a new way to get rid of all the items we leave behind when flying.

Airport officials are able to return more than 80 percent of the things we leave behind when passing through Philadelphia International Airport. But spokeswoman Mary Flannery says some items can't be returned and are stored in a huge warehouse. Now officials are trying to sell things left for more than a year on She says any money made will go to the airport.

"To the aviation fund which pays for among many other items the hospitality we extend to passengers because of bad weather and they must stay at the airport overnight we have hospitality kits, water, snacks, those kind of things so we figure it will return to passengers in some way."

The first batch of goods for auction includes golf clubs, a chess set, souvenirs and a trophy.

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