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Rally held outside City Hall in Philadelphia to show solidarity with Israel

Rally held in Philadelphia to show solidarity with Israel
Rally held in Philadelphia to show solidarity with Israel 01:30

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Gov. Josh Shapiro ordered United States and Commonwealth flags to fly at half-staff across Pennsylvania to honor the lives lost in Israel.

The flags outside City Hall where an impromptu rally was held Tuesday to show solidarity with the Jewish community and Israel.

"Everybody's shocked," said Baita Praizner, who joined dozens of other Israeli supporters at Philadelphia City Hall. 

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"Most of my family is in Israel. My brother, my sister-in-law, my nephews and nieces," she added. 

Praizner said she is also worried about someone who went to a music festival that was targeted by the Hamas militants on Saturday. 

"My childhood friend is still waiting to hear from her daughter who disappeared. They haven't heard from her," Praizner said. "She has three kids and they still have not heard from her."


Praizner is bracing to hear the worst.  

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"Either she died or has been captured and is in the Gaza Strip," Praizner said.    

This show of support for Israel was not enough to calm Sofya Tamarkin. 

"We are worried," Tamarkin said. "We are not sleeping. We are trying to get as much news as possible." 

Tamarkin said she hasn't been sleeping because some of her family is also missing.   

"I don't want to watch the videos because then it just breaks my heart. But then, I do want to watch the videos because I need to know as to what's going on," Tamarkin said.  

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Tamarkin said that all she wants is peace for all in the Middle East. 

"We would like to represent light and clarity and respect for towards everyone," Tamarkin said.

The death toll among Israelis and Palestinians continues to rise, as many in the United States desperately cling to hope they will see their loved ones again.  

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