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Is Lonzo Ball's Overly Proud Dad Putting Too Much Pressure On Him Or Is He Making Him A Star?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- UCLA'S top point guard Lonzo Ball may be one of the stars of March Madness, but everybody's talking about his dad.

"He's everywhere, he's Lavar Ball, the father of Lonzo Ball of UCLA," said Sports Radio 94.1 WIP host Chris Carlin, before interviewing the NCAA dad.

But, even if you've never heard his name, you know the type.

"They're kind of loud. They're a little bias when it comes to their child," said Aisha Bennett of West Philadelphia.

Ball has compared Lonzo, his oldest of three sons, to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry.

"He's going to be better than Steph Curry in the NBA," declared Ball.

This proud papa won't settle for top pick in the NBA draft. He believes his son will be the best in league history. He's even created an apparel company for his three kids.

"I knew I had a brand when I had all three, the big baller brand," said Ball.

So, is he a marketing genius or an obnoxious parent who needs to take a step back?

"It's both," said Anthony Elliott of Mount Airy.

"If they never heard of this guy and his kids, now they're looking them up," admitted Bennett.

"It always comes back to bite you. Everyone ends up wanting you or your kids to fail," said Philly resident David Alperin.

"I think Lavar Ball is having his show day," said Dr. Sue Cornbluth, a national parenting expert. She says Ball's antics could distract his son during the tournament and over time, cause added stress, anxiety and even depression.

"It's great to be a proud parent, but sometimes you can put too much pressure on your son or you daughter to perform at such a high level."

Dr. Cornbluth says only time will tell if the impact is positive. In the meantime, folks are split, with some loving Lavar's sideline swagger and others hoping to run out the clock on his 15 minutes of fame.

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