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Is it safe for dogs to eat grass? | Pet Project

Why do dogs like chewing grass? | Pet Project
Why do dogs like chewing grass? | Pet Project 04:08

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- When the spring season arrives and grass begins to grow, some dogs tend to chew on it. But the question is, do you let a dog chew on grass or not?

Pennsylvania SPCA animal advocate Carol Erickson explained that it's a natural instinct for dogs to eat grass. Eating grass has some benefits for dogs, including supporting digestion and fiber intake.

However, Erickson noted that if grass is treated or sprayed, it is best not to let a dog eat it.

If you want to control the grass your dog eats, you can grow some indoors or keep an untreated patch on your property.

Erickson also said that a dog's interest in chewing grass may be related to boredom and anxiety. To prevent this, it's important to make sure a dog is engaged with people and remains active.

Some dogs may also eat grass if they see another dog doing it or to try and get attention from their owners.

Erickson noted that the theory that dogs eat grass to self-medicate or induce vomiting is only speculation.

Pennsylvania SPCA pets for adoption

Meet Picard!  


Picard is eight years old and is ready to meet kids and other dogs. Erickson says he's a nice boy who is very talkative. 

Meet Linus!


Linus is four years old and loves people. He is all healed after sustaining injuries that appeared to be from a car accident. Erickson describes him as easygoing and friendly.   

Meet Star!


Star is described as a sweet, cuddly girl who is older but highly social. She is very cuddly and must be the only cat in a home.   

If you're interested in learning more about these pawfect friends up for adoption, contact the PSPCA at or call 215-426-6300. 

You can also watch this week's full Pet Project interview with Erickson in the video player above. Stay tuned until the end to meet Picard, Linus and Star.

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