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Is CM Punk Leaving The WWE?

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – CM Punk, arguably the most popular wrestler in the WWE over the last five years, has reportedly walked out on the organization, fueling speculation that he is leaving all together.

I don't necessarily believe that he's actually quit, or that he won't return. This seems to me like it's a 'work,' which means it's just part of a storyline created by the WWE. He wouldn't be the first guy to 'quit' or 'get fired,' and not actually have either happen in real life.

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Those who dislike wrestling will say, 'well the whole thing is fake.' This is a fair point. The difference between this and the pre-determined result of a match, is that it is reasonable to assume it's possible that CM Punk could be fired or quit. It is not reasonable to assume, given what we know, that the wrestlers are actually fighting in the ring. With that disclaimer, I will proceed.

A report from Wrestling Observer says that Punk walked off the job Monday (via PW Torch), after telling Vince McMahon that he was "going home."

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The walk-off was just the next in a series of things that have happened over the last week that speak to some trouble in Punk's world in WWE.

He reportedly requested off a weekend of house shows, after expressing in a recent interview that he is unsure whether or not he'll continue with the WWE after his contract expires. After appearing at Sunday's Royal Rumble, Punk did not appear on Monday's episode of Raw. He then did not appear at a Tuesday taping of WWE Smackdown.
CM Punk that acknowledged the support he has been getting, regarding the recent rumors, in a Tweet Monday evening.

Punk has historically been a bit of a 'rebel' in the WWE, having reached the height of his popularity while being honest about what he thought about the company during a series of promos (speeches) that he called 'Pipe Bombs.'

CM Punk has been scrubbed from all appearance listings on WWE.COM for the next two weeks.

I don't think CM Punk is leaving the WWE. What is CM Punk going to do every day if he's not in the WWE? No offense to him, I don't think I've got that many marketable skills either.

This is a perfect storyline to build anticipation for April's Wrestlemania XXX.

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