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Investigation Continues In Boston Bus Crash

By Jenn Bernstein

BOSTON, MA (CBS) -- Massachusetts State Police say they are continuing to review and look over evidence as they try to piece together how a bus driver failed to heed warning signs and slammed into an overpass in Boston Saturday night.

Dozens of Bucks County High School students and their chaperones were injured.

Driving the route believed to be taken by the Calvary Coach bus, there are signs that are clearly marked which read CARS ONLY, and NO TRUCKS OR BUSES. At the very overpass the driver slammed into, a height restriction banner marks a 10-foot clearance.

As Eyewitness News drove around Boston it's clear, for people who don't know the roads, navigating can be confusing.

Boston's Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesperson, S.J. Port, said they're looking to launch an awareness campaign about low clearances on these older and historic roads, because this isn't the first time it has happened.

"We can only do so much with signs," said Port, "and I think it's gotten to a point where people are looking at their GPS or listening to their GPS."

The Department is hoping to reach out to those GPS companies to see if drivers who rely on their products could be given a heads up.

"I think that we'll really concentrate on doing a reach out to those GPS systems that are willing to work with us," said Port, "and the rental companies that use them, and the busing companies to see what works best for them and how we can help and try to stop this from happening again."

State police said again Monday, the driver has not yet been cited for the crash. An investigation will determine if he'll face charges.

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